My love affair with aviation started in 2011. As enamored as I was with the magic of flight, I felt as though my purpose was not being fulfilled. I yearned to do more. In 2014, fueled by my passion for advocating for social equality, The Plane Project was born.

The Plane Project was initially established as a platform to spread hope to young women and previously disenfranchised individuals in South Africa aspiring to work in aviation.

More recently we have pivoted and now seek to support initiatives doing good for communities in need, allowing them to expand their reach to communities which might be more remote and using aviation as a tool to provide rural communities with basic care that they need.

The Plane Project aims to work towards fulfilling the promise and human right that the basic needs of all Africans are met, irrespective of location and socio-economic status.

Wikipedia describes ‘purpose’ as “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.”


Today, I am able to marry my two passions and ultimately, fulfill my purpose, using aviation as a tool to advocate for positive change in rural communities in and around Southern Africa.

Kelly Slingers