Frans’ story

Meet 20 year old Frans Monakisi. Frans dreams of becoming a pilot. He reached out to me after I spoke at his little sister’s school. On Tuesday, we spent the day together touring Wonderboom airport. I introduced him to the aircraft we fly, we debated about which passenger plane is the best and we argued about who the next SAA CEO should be. Frans, your zeal and love for aviation is absolute.

I asked Frans to write a piece about his dream of flying. This is the poem he wrote:

Please allow me to fly
Please allow me to be more than I can be
Please allow me to follow what’s in my heart and only I can see
Please allow me to make my mistakes
And fall on my own terms so I can learn how to rise

Please allow me to be myself
Please allow me to to follow my dreams
Please allow me to reach somewhere further than the stars
Allow me to aim for the universe since I conquered the world by birth

Give me a chance not to breathe but to live for something greater than me
Give me a chance to discover what’s in me.

Allow me to grow wings and fly, but if I can’t be a bird or an angel
Let me be a pilot
If I can’t be fulfilled in this life as an accountant or a doctor
Then let me be a pilot

I would rather die in the sky than to live trapped on the ground
I would rather taste flight for a few seconds
than to live a lifetime on the ground

Frans, your fieriness for flight is absolutely admirable. I look forward to flying with you one day.

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