Objectives of The Plane Project

Our primary objective is to enhance the image and accessibility of aviation to underprivileged youths in disadvantaged areas. I aim to provide more positive options in the lives of youth from disadvantaged areas. Indirectly, the more individuals I am able to connect with gives me the ability to help steer them in a positive direction and away from activities that will jeopardize their future.

My ultimate goal is to proactively educate children on – not only aviation opportunities – but in other facets too. My focus is to promote principles such as self-worth, education, leadership and aviation opportunities. We are committed to helping youth succeed and promoting self-esteem.

My hope is that all youths will know that they are able to achieve anything. They can participate in one of humanities greatest achievements – The magic of flight. I want children to know that whatever their dreams are, they can achieve it. It is accessible. It is possible.

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